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Shutdown Computer Automatically without Any Program

How to shutdown computer automatically without any program? I want my computer to work just for 30 min, etc. For this I do only two steps...

All time installing a program to your computer will make it exhausted. Also many these programs do not have any specialty, just with performing unnecessary additions and some simple visualize process they try to attract buyers’ interest. By the way, these programs use some part of your computer’s processor and Ram too.

On the other hand, for some simple jobs on computer you do not need to install any program. For example, shutting down computer with command, without any program.
More times before sleeping I want to listen a relax music on my computer. Especially if I got tired too much in that day. But I do not want my computer to work until morning. I want my computer to work just for 30 min, etc. For this I do only two steps;

1.      click Start -> type “cmd” and press “Enter”
2.      Type shutdown –s –t 1800 and press “Enter”

So your computer will shut down in 30 minutes automatically.
‘1800’ means 1800 second (30*60) = 30 minutes.
If you want 5 minutes type 300. (5*60), if you want 10 minutes type 600 and so on.

Somehow  if you want cancel this command;
Do the first step again, in step two just type shutdown –a and press “Enter”

Enjoy it!

By olivercan, Keep Calm Because All is Well!


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