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How to Blogger 301 Redirecting works?

How to #Blogger 301 #Redirect works?

Sometimes we need to redirect some links on our blog to another link.
In this case you must you must use Blogger #301 RedirectingWith blogger 301 Redirecting, you can reroute your old or crashed links to new/updated one. For example, you write a new article but you did some misspelling when publishing. This may even make your article disappear on google. Thanks to 301 redirecting, you can redirect the wrong links to the correct one.

Even though in more CMS (Content Management System) systems it is easy to do in .htacces files, in blogger it is impossible since there is no Ftp support. It is so simple to use redirecting. Let’s start;

  • Blogger control panel Settings > Search preferences as showed on the image.

  • Errors and redirections
  • Custom Redirects section.

From: last (crashed) link
To: new link to redirect.

If you want permanent redirect click check box permanent

And save Changes, it all folks J

!-One more thing, if you want redirect to your home page, just typing “/” enough.

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By olivercan, Keep Calm Because All is Well!


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