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iPhone FireChat Chat without 3G-wifi

Chat without 3G/wifi
How about a chat on your phone that doesn't need wifi or 3G? No, this ain't an April Fools'joke, but rather a revolutionary new way to communicate.
Think of every time you were somewhere and had no connection: music festivals, camping trips, really crowded areas... FireChat eliminates the need for wifi or 3G to chat to people who are near you as it uses peer-to-peer connection and bluetooth instead. There are two separate chat rooms, 'everyone' (any users around you) and 'nearby' (people up to 30 metres away).
The app is fairly new, so a hiccup every now and then can be expected, but I thought you guys should know as soon as possible about this amazing new technology! Of course, it comes for FREE!
Download FireChat for free at the App Store


For more application you can click here


By olivercan, Keep Calm Because All is Well!


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