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Simply Hacking Facebook Account with Kali Linux

Hi guys, today I will show you how to hack a Facebook account with  Kali Linux.
Simply Hacking Facebook Account with Kali Linux.

Let’s start;

  1. Firstly we need to open our tool:
  2. Uygulamalar > Kali Linux > Exploitation Tools > Social Engineering Toolkit > se-toolkit  and click Enter to start.

  • To choose Social -Engineering Attacks  type “1” and click Enter.

  • To choose  Web Jacking Attack Method  type “5”  and click Enter.

  • With “2” choose Site Cloner.

  • And now we need  to IP gateway address, open new  console(terminal) and type “ifconfig”
  • This will show our IP address.  Copy IP address.

  • Paste the copied IP to 1. Console(terminal).

  • Now we will write facebook url. Type “”  and press Enter.

  • Our job is DONE.  So now hacking accounts depends  on your social-engineering. For example, you can send your IP address to your victim and say ”can you visit my page?” etc. 

  1. Let’s try;
  2. We will write the IP address which we assigned the url.
Mail :
şifre: Cyber-warrior

  • As you see, it works successfully.

The job is finished. J

Hope you like it. If so, please do not forget to comment it below and share it with your friends. There is another way to hack facebook or any web software. The way is called as Brute Force Attack. I strongly suggest you to read my Brute Force Attack  article  by clicking  here.


By olivercan, Keep Calm Because All is Well!


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