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What is the #Phishing #Attacks??

What is #Phishing #Attack? How does the phishing attacks work? What are the Safety Precautions to be Taken Against Phishing Attacks ? With Phishing attack which informations wanted to steal?

Phishing is created by combining "Password" and "Fishing". Phishing is an hacking attack method to learn users password and credit card details.
Phishing attacks is recently appeared to be the most favorite attack.This method makes computer users suffered billions of dollars each year.
Generally, Phishing is used in order to learn persons password and credit card details.

With the help of a prepared email such as coming from a bank or an official organisation, the user redirected fake websites.
For the fishing attacks, fake web pages are prepared like Banks web pages, social sites, Mail services, online games, etc.
In this fake web pages, the users are asked for theid informations, card numbers, paswords, and so on. The users' informations will be stolen who takes into account requests.

With Phishing attack which informations wanted to steal?

For generally;
  • users card numbers
  • users passwords
  • credit card numbers
  • the users code and passwords used in internet banking

What are the Safety Precautions to be Taken Against Phishing Attacks ?

  1. Do not neglect make your computer updates. Also use an updated and a good quality anti-virus programs. 
  2. If you are not sure who send you the email, do not care about it. And do not forget non of the organisations will ask your informations via email.
  3. Do not click every site URL address comes through email.In particular, as I stated above Please enter address bar of Banks, social web sites, shopping sites, etc.  by typing  yourself.
  4. Do not perform  any electronic processes from network  that you unsure to be safe.
  5. The closed lock located at the bottom right of the page shows that this site you are doing transactions in is secure and encrypted
  6. The way to protect against this type of attacks you must have knowleadge about the subjects.
  7. When exposed to a phishing attacks on this issue  primarily inform the competent authorities to take measures in this regard and can contribute to arrest the attackers.
Hope you like it. If so, please do not forget to comment it below and share it with your friends. If you want to have more informations about attacks, I strongly suggest you to read my  Brute Force Attack article  by clicking  here.


By olivercan, Keep Calm Because All is Well!


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