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What is Brute Force? and what protection method we need to have?

What is Brute Force? And what protection method we need to have?

Brute Force is a method used most commonly to break any password (Rar password, computer password). It is also a web Attack to web software’s login part with trial
and error method. People cannot do it themselves, they do by using the programs which are written for this. They attack continuously on the login page with the wordlist in their hand. The purpose of using trial and error method is finding  the password for a user name and manage web software. After finding password it is easy for hacking.

Why Brute Force?

  • It is really fast on local computers.
  • It includes more than one attack methods.
  • Many operating systems can be applied.

Brute Force Attack program is one of the ancestors of password cracking programs. This can even break bit encrypted passwords.

How to protect our system?

Firstly, your password should not be found easily, it is required to consist of figures and letters. Instead of short and simple passwords, create long and meaningless passwords that contains a combination of different characters.

Secondly, in form sections the users are prompted to enter security code. This will prevent brute force attacks. Because the program (or bot) will not expect a random security code. And so it will not attempt to login even for first time.

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By olivercan, Keep Calm Because All is Well!


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