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Opencart Facebook Popup Like Box

How to create Facebook popup like box in Opencart without installing any extensions.

Hi guys. When I tried to install Facebook pop-up like box on my opencart page, I have seen many extensions with prices on opencart web page. So I found a way to create it without paying any money  or installing any extensions.

For installing follow the steps below;

Firstly, download the .zip file from opencart pageOpen it and copy all code.

Secondly, go to  catalog\view\theme\default\template\common\footer.tpl file

Find this code:   <p><?php echo $powered; ?> 

Paste all code from .zip file, right after this: ?> 


1- After adding code, search for and replace it with you own page.

2- This widget will appear 2 seconds after page loaded. If you want change this time search for delay(2000) and change the value 2000 to greater or lesser. If you want this widget to show immediately after loading page, change delay(0) value to zero.

3- This widget shows up only first time when users visit your page. If you would like to this box to popup every time page loads then delete this line of code:

$.cookie('popup_facebook_box', 'yes', { path: '/', expires: 2 });

4- If you want this widget to shows up only at home page so go to catalog\view\theme\default\template\common\home.tpl and paste this code after this:?> (at the bottom) and delete this line of code:

 !- If you do not see the Facebook popup like box on your page, then you should delete your cookies.

!- When you install this widget, go to your page and click on an image of a product. If your image opened in a new tab so delete the code from footer and do the step 4.

For any quesiton comment below or contact me.

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